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- Michael Fram is a wonderful mentor, teacher, and spiritual Father. I have been incredibly blessed by all he has poured into my life.

- I have known Michael for several years. I know he is a man of integrity and moves by the anointing of the Holy Spirit. If I need a word from God, I would seek him out. I would highly recommend him for any church.

- Michael Fram is a man of honor. He carries a bold fiery anointing coupled with a Father's heart. He is a true Apostle, equipping the Fivefold leaders and validating both men and women in the body of Christ. I’m honored to have found him! What a help He has been to our church and us as leaders! What a wealth of revelation and knowledge! I’m Truly honored and blessed by this ministry!

- I have known Apostle Michael Fram since 2005. Back then he was Prophet Michael! Since I have known him, he has never ceased to be a man of the Spirit! He has and continues to walk in the anointing and power of God. When he prophesies, heaven is open and the Presence and purposes of God are manifested. He has prophesied to me on numerous occasions with the greatest accuracy. In the last few years, God has transitioned him in his ministry office to Apostle. He has been working feverishly with Holy Spirit to bring alignment to our region so that the kingdom of God can be manifested in a greater measure, with unity & respect throughout the body of Christ in various churches, denominations, and ethnic groups. Yet he is so humble. There is not an heir of pride, competition, or insecurity. Quite the opposite is true. He is full of love and the fruit of the spirit. He treats everyone with the same level of love and respect. He is considered a spiritual father to many and he is so willing and eager to pour into others. He truly has a father's heart and is excited and fulfilled when others grow, succeed, and achieve their God-given purpose and destiny. I have learned so much, and have been so blessed to have a relationship with him. He is truly a gift to the body of Christ!

- Apostle Mike! You are an amazing, humble, and such a loving man of God! I love you! I honor you! I respect you! I’m so very grateful to have met you! You are a father, and I thank you for that which you spoke to in my life as a father! Again, I honor you, and embrace you in all that the Lord has purposed! Thank you for yielding to the Lord! My life was truly impacted by your presence and your surrender to the Father! 

- In our world of quick blurbs & fake news, everything & everyone almost seems plastic. The Lord is placing VERY REAL, Honest & Mature voices out there & Michael is the one I listen to! His Father’s heart IS Our Heavenly Father’s heart that permeates every room! The wisdom he shares is a treasure to soak in & the teachings he serves are full course meals PLUS dessert! I always “leave” full with plenty of leftovers to continue feasting on! I am incredibly thankful for Michael & blessed by this ministry!


- Michael Fram truly has a heart for God and His children and has our best interest at heart through Father God! I also feel like he would give me humble and gentle correction and hold me accountable where need be! I can highly sense His heart is for raising up the people of God for the destiny’s that God has placed in each of us!

- Michael Fram is a man after God's heart and has a father's heart, to train, mentor, and speak into the lives of the next generation. He is solid in the word and does an excellent job speaking on the five-fold and other topics. He has blessed my life.

- I am grateful to have been able to glean from the Apostolic wisdom that flows out from Prophetic Destiny Ministries under Micheal as well as to get to know his heart on a personal level through mentorship. He truly desires to raise up mature sons and daughters for the Kingdom. Many being processed for 5-fold ministry have found a safe place to be raised up under his covering as an Apostle of God and many leaders, support. I am grateful for his palpable humility, his honor of other leaders, his networking to bring unity to the region, his weekly teachings, and most of all having someone to help me process under immense pressure so I can step into my destiny not just with giftings but with character and maturity.

- Passion, spiritual fervor, and breaker anointing are just a few words to describe Apostle Michael! If you stand close enough you will catch the fire! He’s fulfilling his role and function as an Apostle by teaching, training, and equipping the Saints nationally and internationally .. with no holds bar. A man of God on a mission ... unstoppable and unmoveable. A focused pioneer and current trailblazer, raising up spiritual sons and daughters and leaving a legacy. 💥🔥 Funny, faithful, focused, and a true friend to many.. always putting the Kingdom first. A true kingdom Apostle for such a time as this.

- I have always been fascinated by the study of the REAL vs the FAKE of precious gems and gold. A perfect diamond will look like a piece of coal, and gold is found deep down in a place called a glory hole. A well-seasoned Apostle /Prophet is the same. And Micheal Fram is the REAL deal. How am I so blessed to have just " bumped" Into this amazing man of God, and a Spiritual Sister named Angie Dorman! 

- The best biblical teaching and training.

- So last night I answered the call for healing at Christian Revival Center in Toms River,  NJ from guest speaker Michael Fram. This morning I met with the surgeon to remove A tumor in my arm. The tumor has disappeared, praise God!

- Apostle Michael Fram: The proclamation of Truth with a prophetic edge.

- This morning, The word which came to me from the Lord, saying: “Arise and go to Brick Aglow, and there I will cause you to hear My words and there I will confirm My words”. So then I got up and obeyed the voice of the Lord. I was so blessed by the Word of God and the prophetic words that were released over my life. Thanks, Brother Michael Fram.

- Michael I had to let you know that the word you gave tonight was meant for me! I know others may feel the same but it was exactly verbatim what I've been experiencing. “Finally”. All my prayers and tears shed over the years will come to pass. Thank you so much for obeying the Precious Holy Spirit.

- I have been extremely impressed with Apostle Michael Fram's genuine passion to nurture, teach, train, and bring correct alignment to the Body of Christ. I believe he has nearly 40 years tenure in ministry and yet he is not cynical, bitter, or hardened and has such a pure love for the church that it inspires me! His willingness to reach out and invest time and energy (practically) not only to his local metron but to the Church at large is astounding. He demonstrates a pure Father's heart and anointing and he is worthy of honor because of his dedication.

- I’d like to share with you a testimony about the night I met Michael Fram. I felt the Holy Spirit speaking to me a few weeks ago about going to Ocean City, NJ for a three-day conference. I had no real expectations and just asked the Lord to surprise me. I didn’t know anyone at the house I was staying in nor did I know who the speakers were each night. I was going by the leading of the Spirit.

On Saturday when I met Michael, everything changed. The anointing of prophecy came on him so strongly and he called me out with a word of the Lord that shifted something in my Spirit. All the things that the Lord was showing me in a time of rest, fasting, and praying were just confirmed by Michael’s prophetic word. I remember thinking, “Lord, this is why I’m in Ocean City, you had a word to release to me by your prophet Michael. 

Since meeting Michael and receiving this word, I’ve had a boldness to step out in a few things that I was really dragging my feet on. I have seen three radical healings, and one miracle since that day. I’m thankful and very grateful how the Lord uses the prophetic to move us and to confirm things that our spirits already know. However, sometimes God used a prophetic word to unlock things. This is the third time in my life that a powerful word of the Lord came to unlock something inside of me.

- They Speak and Teach Truth!

- I Love your teachings especially about the five-fold, they have been very helpful to me.

- Awesome teaching on the gift of discerning of spirits, so many teach it wrong or are lacking knowledge and experience in this gift. I will download your videos, I feel edified. God bless you.

- Good 'old fashioned' honest down-to-earth Bible Teaching on the 'Gifts to the Church'! Thank you !!!

- Thank you so much for this teaching, it really helps me to understand the differences in the offices and giftings.

- These teachings are so awesome, I've known a lot of this, but listening to these have really helped me to have a clearer understanding.

- For me personally, I absolutely LOVE your teachings. It has taught me so much, and I am always checking your page every day for something new. I am in New Zealand and where I am based there is no teaching like this, so thank you for being faithful to God and bringing these to the body. It helps a lot. God bless you. 

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