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Relationship & Proximity

Last night during one of my Group Mentoring Sessions, I made the statement that: “Relationship & Proximity are two of the most important things in the Kingdom.” This statement was made in relation to the thought or idea of pouring oneself into others or duplicating oneself in others.

Sometimes when we use words, we think differently about them than others do. So I went online and looked through the various definitions to find the ones that most closely hit the thought in my mind.

Relationship - the way in which two or more people or groups regard and behave toward each other.

Proximity - nearness in space, time, or relationship.

It really isn’t only in Kingdom Life that Relationship & Proximity are important, they are also keys to Business Life as fact, they are really laws or rules of Life...period!

I am constantly amazed when I see or hear Believers say something to the effect of: “I am going to get the mantle of Benny Hinn.” I immediately say to myself: “No You Are Not!” You have no relationship with Benny Hinn and you are not in close proximity to Benny Hinn, and the transference of what he walks in and carries only comes through those two things.

When I first started teaching and preaching at 17 years of age, almost 42 years ago, even up till today, I am constantly told how much I look like Leo (my father), sound like Leo, have the same facial expressions as Leo, make the same gestures as Leo, have the same voice inflection as Leo.

Yes, I have Leo’s physical DNA, but I also have his spiritual DNA. Through our relationship and my being around him, he rubbed off on me. Proximity to him allowed for that. I also had the honor to sit at the feet of Rev. Kenneth E. (Dad) Hagin for 2 years at Rhema back in the ’80s. He also rubbed off on me. Spiritual things can be transferred just like physical things can.

Dr. Mike Brown calls it the “Law of Association”. Elhanan, one of David’s ‘Mighty Men’ became a ‘Giant Killer’ killing Lahmi, the brother of Goliath because he was in a relationship and close proximity to David who was the ‘Giant Killer’ that killed Goliath. No doubt, Elhanan would not have become what he became if he was not part of David’s ‘Mighty Men’.

So it is with Kingdom Leaders today. I watch now as some of my Spiritual kids begin to take on some of my characteristics or traits in what they do or how they express themselves because of their relationship with and proximity to me...I have rubbed off on them.

Interestingly enough, the word ‘Anoint’ means to rub. It is impossible for a Kingdom Leader’s anointing to rub off on a protege, son, or daughter; without an intimate relationship and close proximity. So my fellow Kingdom Leaders, pour into your proteges, sons, and daughters intimately. Let them get close so that your spiritual DNA will rub off on them.

To all current or prospective proteges, sons, or daughters; don’t chase a mentor, mother, or father’s mantle or anointing; rather seek an intimate relationship with them, and get in close proximity to them, that it might rub off on you.

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