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Prophesying To The House?!

I don't know how or where the practice of prophesying to everyone in the house began, or why we continue so often to perpetuate it! It opens the door to so much error, and so much prophesying out of one's soul as opposed by the Spirit.

It seems we expect every Prophet or Ministry Gift that flows prophetically to give everyone a "Word". Was this really New Testament Practice? Is there anything in Scripture that would indicate that this was a common occurrence?

I Think Not!

It is one of the things that we have created in error in our false expectations and current acceptance of the "Prophetic". I am in no way belittling "Personal Prophecy" by any means. What I am against is that we have conditioned "Believers" to be dependent on "Prophets" as opposed to teaching them how to hear God for themselves, and how to be led by Holy Spirit.

I functioned as a Prophet for 16 years as my Primary ministry assignment and Ascension Function, and my goal was never to give everyone a "Word".

We forget that Prophecy like all of the other manifestations of the Spirit operates as the Spirit of God wills, and requires either the Inspiration of the Spirit, the Revelation of the Spirit, or Both!

Romans 12 tells us that we prophesy according to the proportion of our faith. So many in our day are attempting to prophesy to everyone beyond their development in the gift because it is expected or they think they have to. When they do they prophesy what their soul thinks or wants, not what the Spirit is inspiring.

There are many times that I go into a house and don't give everyone a "Word". This past Sunday in fact, I only gave two "Words" to a group of about 30 people. Why? Because if the Spirit is not inspiring me I AM NOT GOING TO MAKE SOMETHING UP!

I wish some of the immature ones among our ranks would learn and understand this. We have done much damage to Ecclesia by our unreal expectations. Many have been hurt by receiving "Words" that were given in the name of God, but were not Inspired by God!


If the Spirit is not Inspiring one to speak..."Let Them Keep Silent". Or as my Italian/American friends would say: "Shut-up-a-you-face!"

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