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One Size Fits All Ministry

I believe we do err when we believe that Ministry is Ministry is Ministry. That is like saying, Gifts are Gifts are Gifts. Or, Prayer is Prayer is Prayer. Dad Hagin always likened this type of thinking to saying, Sports are Sports are Sports.

Well, Football is a Sport and Baseball is a Sport and Basketball is a Sport, but clearly, they are not the same. They all have different rules that govern them, and their objectives are different, and they are played differently. Not once will you ever see a "Placekicker" attempt to kick a "Home Run". 🤪🤪

It is obvious when we study the New Testament that there are Ministry Gifts, Manifestation Gifts, and Motivational Gifts; and none of them are the same or are operated by the same rules. It is equally obvious that there there are many different types of prayer, like - The Prayer Of Faith, The Prayer Of Agreement, Intercession, and Worship; to name a few. Clearly as well, none of these are the same nor are operated by the same rules.

So why do we think that Ministry, is Ministry, is Ministry?

It cannot be! Some are Apostles, some are Prophets, some are Evangelists, some are Pastors, some are Teachers. These five expressions of the Ascended Christ we commonly call the five-fold ministry or the ascension gifts. Yet none of the five operate the same just as The Gifts of Healings operates differently than The Interpretation of Tongues.

I know...I can hear you saying...well DUH MIKE! That is obvious! We Know That! Unfortunately many still don't. Be grateful that you do.

But let us go further shall we?

My Dear Sister, Prophetess Angie Dorman often makes this statement: "Every leader in a region is not a leader of the region." That is a hard pill for many in ministry to swallow. Our egos get involved. None of us wants to think that somebody else is more important than we are.

This is where our understanding is faulty. No one is more important than anyone else. Rather we all have different "spheres of influence" or to use the Greek word - "Metrons". We do not all have the same sphere. We do not all have the same assignment. This is not "One Size Fits All"!

We operate according to the grace that is given to us which is in accordance with the assignment given to us. Paul and Peter were both New Testament Apostles that wrote Epistles and were central figures of the Book of Acts, but that is for the most part where the similarities end.

Both Paul and Peter were sent to different people groups and functioned according to the grace that was given to them. How about John? Was he the same as Paul and/or Peter...or different? Do you see my point? This is not "One Size Fits All"!

If someone has a National or International Metron and you don't, does that make them greater than you, or just have a different assignment than you? For some reason, we tend to not have an issue on the larger scale, but we do on the local smaller scale. Could it be that we still have a degree of jealousy and competition in us that hasn't been crucified yet?

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, we operate according to the Grace and Metron assigned to us...we Run Our Race. At the end of Paul's life, he said: "I have run MY Race...I have finished MY Course." It is still about each of us doing our own individual assignments. This is not "One Size Fits All"!


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