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Some people want a Spiritual Father so bad that they just latch on to any leader that they perceive might be able to help them, or shows them the least bit of kindness.

Spiritual wounds and fatherlessness run rampant. It is real. Many are hurting from spiritual child abuse and neglect.

Because there is so much talk of spiritual fathers in the kingdom now, many are beginning to hope again that their wounds will get healed and that someone will love them.

Unfortunately, one can not make it happen just because they want it. Many try to place a fathering demand on a leader apart from a mutual drawing of Heavenly Father.

It is Heavenly Father that orchestrates these relationships, not spiritual fathers or spiritual kids. Spiritual fathers don’t solicit or recruit kids or down lines, and kids don’t interview or try out fathers. If God does not orchestrate will never work!

I am blessed to have some spiritual sons and daughters today, and some that have the potential of becoming sons or daughters. As these relationships begin that drawing must be recognized, yielded to, and developed, it does not happen automatically.

I have had some say that I was their father, even telling others that I was, and I knew that I wasn’t and told other leaders that I wasn’t. Their need or desire for a father was so great, they just latched on and tried to make it happen before it could develop.

I know the need is real and I do not belittle it in any way...but prospective sons and daughters can’t go around to every leader and asking or wondering - “Are You My Father?”

I am reminded that Jesus said that your Heavenly Father knows what you need. He will provide it for you. Just be open to the unlikely, unexpected, and unforeseen...for that is where it usually strikes! If you were to ask any of my sons or daughters if they expected that I would become their spiritual father, I can guarantee that every one of them without hesitation would say NO!

Truth be told, before our relationships began, they didn’t even know I existed, nor I them. But God has a way of orchestrating things for His Purposes. There is more hope now than anytime in recent history as the Malachi Mandate is being fulfilled as more and more fathers are arising, and - “The Hearts Of The Fathers Are Being Turned To The Sons, And The Hearts Of The Sons To The Fathers.”

Jehovah Jireh...The God Whose Provision Shall Be Seen, He Himself will Provide a don’t have to go around asking or wondering - “Are You My Father?”

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