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Some Thoughts On Spiritual Fathers

I had a conversation last night on the phone with a Dear Sister, Ministry Colleague, & Spiritual Mother. Of all the things we discussed, one of them was about having spiritual sons and daughters.

We were comparing notes and thoughts and were quite astounded at those who claim to have thousands of sons and daughters. It is impossible to be an “Intimate” Father or Mother with Thousands of sons and daughters spiritually just as it is naturally.

We all know that there have been those in the natural who have bragged about how many kids they had, but spreading your seed all over creation and siring them, is far different from being intimately involved in their lives raising them.

Spiritual things are very much like natural things, and vise versa. To be an effective father in the natural, one must be intimately involved in the child’s life imparting influence, wisdom, foundations, character, provision, and life lessons. So it is spiritually as well.

It is impossible to be that kind of father both naturally and spiritually to thousands of sone and daughters. It doesn’t matter how much you know and how great you are, there is just not enough of you to go around.

Now I know many have considered Kenneth E Hagin a spiritual father, I know, I am one of them. But Dad (or Papa) Hagin Fathered on three levels:

  1. There were those that were intimate with him and knew him behind the scenes, traveling with him, where he poured into their lives one-on-one.

  2. There were those that were privileged to sit at his feet as students at Rhema and receive the impartation of his spirit and wisdom. (I am in this level)

  3. There were the masses that were ministered to by his books and tapes, who considered him a father in the faith, but never sat at his feet, nor ever had a personal intimate relationship with him.

Now in a sense, he was a Spiritual Father to all 3 levels, but only one level of the three was intimate with him. So we could say that Dad Hagin was a Spiritual Father to Thousands, but he wasn’t an “Intimate” Spiritual Father to Thousands.

Unfortunately, for some today in the Modern Apostolic Movement, accumulating Sons & Daughters has become some badge of success or a “bragging right” in ministry. Well, you may have Thousands who are in Level Three as listed above, but stop giving off the impression that they are all in Level One! That is Dishonest! You can’t be Intimate with that many!

The other thing, that is unfortunately occurring currently is people are signing up to be part of an Apostle’s Network, and be a Son or Daughter expecting Level One, and getting Level Three. Folks, that is what we call in the Business World: “Bait & Switch”!

It has become a Charismatic Pyramid Scheme! The poor “Sons & Daughters” are trying to buy influence and a platform, expecting one thing, and getting another. Shame on us for allowing this in the Body of Christ! Talk about a lack of Ethics!

I am grateful to be a Spiritual Father and for those Sons and Daughters, He has brought me into relationship with. I did not recruit any of them. God divinely orchestrated the relationships and it was witnessed to both them individually and I on a case by case basis. I do not demand that they tithe up to me in order for me to be their Father, but they all honor me from their hearts and their substance as the Lord directs them.

I am NOT looking for Thousands in my Network so I have a “Cash Cow”. I am looking for supernaturally engineered relationships where I can be intimate with Sons and Daughters that God has drawn to me, and me to them. Isn’t this the way it is supposed to be?

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