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A New Breed Of Father

Not long ago a friend posted a Prophetic Word by Rev. Kenneth E. (Dad) Hagin from 1975 with the heading: “The New Breed”. This Word was about a New Breed, (Mighty Army) rising. I remember hearing about this Word in the early 1980’s when I was at Rhema. It was actually the basis for the school newspaper which was called: “The New Breed”.

I am excited because we are also now living in a day of Another New Breed Rising! It is a New Breed of Father that is rising. I am privileged to be in relationship with many of these New Breed Fathers, and part of a Facebook Group whose Primary Focus is Fathers/Mothers raising up Sons/Daughters, calling forth the next generation.

Because of these relationships, there is no doubt in my mind that we are clearly living in the fulfillment of Malachi 4:6 “And He will turn The hearts of the fathers to the children, And the hearts of the children to their fathers...”

In years gone by the Fathering model left much to be desired, if it existed at all. In the past Fathers were more concerned with fitting a son or daughter into their mold for them, to help fulfill their vision, with little regard or thought about what the son or daughter was actually called, gifted, and graced to do or be. It was all top down and serving my vision or else it was DI-VISION.

In the old model it was about keeping the son or daughter under control, especially if they were really gifted or anointed because they might steal my thunder. (Saul has slain his thousands, but David has slain his ten thousands) Unfortunately, jealousy, ego, and lack of trust ran rampant. This left many with the feeling that Fathers really did not care about them and considered Fathering in the Church to be “Child Abuse” and they were totally turned off to the concept.

I cannot say that I blame them based on the old model. BUT...there is a NEW BREED of FATHER Arising! This New Breed is actually more concerned about the son or daughter fulfilling their own individual calling and purpose based on the gifts, talents, anointings, abilities, and passions that God has graced them with.

In the above text it is important to notice that The Hearts Of The Fathers were Turned to the Children FIRST, then the Hearts of the Children were turned to their Fathers (in reciprocal fashion). The truth is...the Children don’t care how much the Father (s) know...until they know how much the Father (s) care!

In the old model the sons and daughters were viewed as commodities to help me. In The New Breed sons and daughters are viewed as those to: Discover, Disciple, Develop & Deploy so they can function by Divine Design.

In the New Breed of Father it is all about “Paying It Forward” (to copy from a famous movie). Raise Up The Next Generation is what is beating in their Heart! Their Rallying Cry Is: “My Ceiling Is Your Floor, And Where I End Is Where You Begin”! This New Breed of Father has a Burning Passion to see their sons and daughters far surpass them in every way and do more than they ever could or would.

There is a Fathering Reset in the works right now with seasoned Men & Women of God across Ekklesia to address many of these issues, and bring Fathering into Biblical Order. Sons and Daughters, There is a New Sheriff In Town...The New Breed of Father!

For those that have been hurt and abused by the false Fathering Paradigms from the past. I am sorry that you were hurt and turned off. I fully understand, but it is a New Day. Dare to Believe again! Dare to Hope again! Dare to Trust again! Be healed of your hurt (s) and let a New Breed Father or Mother love your hurts away.


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