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From Restoration To Reformation To Culmination

We have gone through much Restoration in the Church over the last 70 years as missing Ascension Gifts were focused on one at a time till all five were back in place.

Unfortunately, in our zeal and excitement to have them back and accepted we didn’t hold to the highest New Testament Standards and Order.

In far too many cases we just let a lot of things slide that we should not have. Now it is time for a Reformation of the Restoration, that we actually move into conformity to the Blueprint that is laid out in the New Testament.

Where previously God was was raising up Restoration voices, now He is raising up Reformation voices in Ecclesia. You can see and hear voices that speak to both a National Level and those that speak to a Regional Level calling for course corrections especially regarding the Apostolic and Prophetic, which seemed to be the two hardest works of Restoration to find broad acceptance, and in some circles still face major resistance.

These course corrections must come! We must not let some of what we have tolerated go as we have before. It is time we look like the New Testament. Even as some fought and resisted the Restoration previously, now some are fighting and resisting the Reformation.

Face it, we are creatures of habit that don’t really like change. We want to do what we do, because we are comfortable doing it. But we can and we must do better. We have made progress through the Restoration, now we need to finish it through Reformation.

On the other side of this Reformation is the Culmination Of the Ages. This is where all the works of Restoration combine and work together in maturity according to the Blueprint, because Wise Master Builders have brought the corrections at Foundational Levels in Synergistic Partnership with the Revelation from Mature Prophetic Reformers.

This is not the time to think we have arrived...this is the time to buckle in and finish what has been started. Hear the call of the Voices of Reformation and yield to and implement the processes. We can do it...and we must! If not us...then who? If not now...when?

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