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Convergence Of The Ages

A few nights ago, I was attending a special Regional Meeting that an Apostle friend of mine was hosting. During a time of open free-flowing worship Holy Spirit spoke up inside me and said: “This is a Convergence of the Ages.” I immediately reminded Him that James Goll had released a ‘Word’ a few years back about the convergence of the ages. To which He replied: “Son, you don’t understand…”

Upon pressing Him, He explained to me that what Brother Goll was referring to was a convergence of all the moves of Restoration that the church had been through; like – The Voice of Healing, The Latter Rain, The Charismatic Renewal, The Word of Faith, The Prophetic, and The Apostolic, all coming into a culmination of one Last Day move where they would all be flowing together.

He went on to explain that this convergence of the ages was about the Generations or age groups of people; like – Teens, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s etc. So as opposed to just Restoration Moves converging together, which I believe we will and are seeing, this Last Day move will also include all the ages of people converging together as well.

At this point I was quickened with the thought of the mighty Mississippi River. How it is a powerful, flowing river. Yet there are many streams and tributaries that flow into it or converge into it. It is as all these streams converge into it that it’s flow is so mighty.

So, it will be with this Convergence of the Ages. As all the Generations begin to flow together they will be just like all those streams and tributaries flowing into the Mississippi, It will not just be a flow of the 50 somethings, or the 40 somethings, or the 30 somethings; it will be a flow of every generation coming together and flowing together as one in a mighty flow of Holy Spirit in the earth. The Convergence of the Ages is upon us.

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