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Where Is The Middle Generation?

When we look in the Old Testament we see the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob. Abraham The Patriarch…the First Generation, Issac the Son…the Second Generation…the Middle Generation, and Jacob…the Grandson…the Third Generation.

God is always Multi-Generational. Here we see three generations. In the New Testament we see Paul, Timothy & Faithful Men. Paul The Patriarch…the First Generation, Timothy the Son…the Second Generation…the Middle Generation, and Faithful Men…the Grandsons…the Third Generation.

Where are the Issacs & Timothys in this Hour? Where is that Middle Generation that carries from the Patriarchs and Generals that have gone before us and pours into the Jacobs and the Faithful Men?

About three or four years ago, something dropped in my spirit that was never there before. It said: “What my Father has done for me…I MUST DO FOR OTHERS!” All my life I watched Leo Fram, my both Natural & Spiritual Father pour into not just me…but many Sons and Daughters.

I grew up with this example. Then one day…it was like the title of a movie came alive inside of me: “Pay It Forward!”

We are living in a Season of Shift and Transition as the Patriarchs & Generals are going home. Over the last 15-20 years or so many have gone home including: Kenneth E Hagin, Oral Roberts, TL Osborn, RW Schambach and of course most recently Billy Graham. It is time that the Issacs and Timothys rise up and take their place bridging the gap from the Patriarchs who have gone home to the Jacobs and Faithful Men. It is time to impart what these Generals have imparted to us and impart it to those coming up behind us!

Again…Where is the Middle Generation?

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