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Ladies In Leadership

I have had in my heart recently to address what Rev. Kenneth E. (Dad) Hagin called in the title of one of his early books: “The Woman Question”. Before I begin let me say that I highly recommend an excellent older book still in print that can easily be obtained on Amazon by Charles Trombley titled: “Who Said Women Can’t Teach”. It is the position of LFMI; Apostle Leo Fram, Apostle Edith Fram and Apostle-Prophet Michael Fram that there is no issue with women in leadership or ministry.

It pains me that there are still some very chauvinistic, pig headed, sexist men in leadership positions in the Body of Christ. I am grateful for the progress we have made in the Church and for women like Aimee Semple McPherson, Katherine Kuhlman, Maria Woodworth Etter and Marilyn Hickey who have helped pave the way for today’s Lady Leaders…but for all the progress we have made…we still have work to do!

My Mom Apostle Edith Fram has faced much through the years as a Lady Leader. Working as a husband and wife team with my Dad Apostle Leo Fram, many times she was considered as a second class part of the partnership as opposed to an equal part which she is. Today some of my closest friends in the ministry are Lady Leaders.

Just recently in one of our LFMI Board Prayer meetings God moved upon me Prophetically very strongly as we began to pray for one of Mom’s Today’s Woman Meetings…He Said:

“It is a Season now for Women to be who God Made them to be and stop pretending to be somebody they aren’t just to be accepted by Man.”

Ladies You Are:

Free To Be Free To Function Free To Flow

If that was not strong enough…then God said to us that this was just not a Thrust for LFMI…but it was a Mandate for LFMI to deal with this…and not just for Mom…but for Dad and I too. So this article is our obedience to that mandate. I have a message that I preach called “Freedom In Christ” and the last point of that message is really targeted towards women because it is: FREEDOM FROM SEXISM & DISCRIMINATION.

It is time that Lady Leaders are recognized once and for all for who and what God has called, anointed, appointed and equipped them to be! In building my case for the fourth point of this message here are some of the Bullet Points I present:

  • “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither (Lit Not male and female) male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” Galatians 3:28 NASB

  • A verse that has been used as a club against women in ministry for years is 1 Timothy 3:2 because of sexist (yes I said it) translators afraid to say what the Original Greek said.

  • “A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, temperate, sober-minded, of good behavior, hospitable, able to teach.” 1 Timothy 3:2NKJV

  • What is always stressed is the Husband of one wife; well this means that women can’t preach only men can because a woman can’t be a husband of one wife.

  • This Scripture is not dealing with Gender but rather with Faithfulness & Monogamy.

  • Paul wrote this instruction to correct the error of having more than one spouse, Not To Disqualify Women!

  • “It is true that anyone who desires to be a church official wants to be something worthwhile. That’s why officials must have a good reputation and be faithful in marriage. They must be self-controlled, sensible, well-behaved, friendly to strangers, and able to teach. They must not be heavy drinkers or troublemakers. Instead, they must be kind and gentle and not love money.” 1 Timothy 3:1-3 Contemporary English Version

  • If God could trust Deborah as a Judge of the whole nation of Israel, as well as being a Prophetess, surely He has no issue with women in Leadership or ministry.

  • “Give my greetings to Priscilla (female) and Aquila, my co-workers in the ministry of Christ Jesus. In fact, they once risked their lives for me. I am thankful to them, and so are all the Gentile churches. Also give my greetings to the church that meets in their home. Greet my dear friend Epenetus. He was the first person from the province of Asia to become a follower of Christ. Give my greetings to Mary, who has worked so hard for your benefit. Greet Andronicus and Junia, (female) my fellow Jews, who were in prison with me. They are highly respected among the apostles and became followers of Christ before I did.” Romans 16: 3-7 NLT

  • If God could use Priscilla (listed first because she was the chief speaker) to straighten out an emerging Apostle named Apollos who was full of zeal but needed the way of the Lord explained to him more fully…He could use Lady Leaders today.

  • Junia was a female Apostle who was noted among the Apostles and was in Christ before Paul.

Let the Lady Leaders come forward and arise. We honor you! It is your time and your season and you are vital to the move of God in the earth. Some of you are also going to have greater impact than your male counterparts. So be free from the imprisonment that others thoughts and views have kept you bound in, but rather rise and shine for your light has come.

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