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The New Move Of God Isn’t Coming…It’s Here

I don’t know how many of you pay attention to or are students of Prophetic Words. But being a Prophet it is something I pay very close attention to. Not just my own but also those of other national and local Prophets that I respect or am in relationship with. This does a couple of things:

  • It gives you a sense of what God is speaking all over as you compare prophetic words.

  • I liken this to some of the principles of Hermeneutics.

  • One Principle is called the complete mention principle – where you take all the Scriptures that deal with a particular subject as a whole to get the full implication of what the Bible says on that subject.

  • Another Principle is called the comparative mention principle – where you compare and contrast two Scriptures that deal with the same subject to see how they are the same and/or different.

  • We can and should do the same thing with Prophetic Words that come from various sources that deal with the same subject matter. Look at them as a whole and compare and contrast them against one another.

  • Secondly as you compare what others are speaking with what you are speaking it lets you know that you are in the flow with what the Spirit of God is saying through other vessels.

We always need to remember that none of us has complete prophetic revelation or gets it all. “For we know in part and we prophesy in part.” 1 Corinthians 13:9 NASB We all get a piece of what God is revealing…and when we put all the pieces together…we know what God is saying in total.

Having studied Prophetic Words over the last several years, they were full of verbiage like: “We are on the verge of a new move of God” or “We are on the precipice of the next wave that God is about to release”. But over the last several months that Prophetic Language has changed. Now God has been declaring that: “We have crossed over into the new move of God” or “The new move of God is no longer coming…it is here”.

That right there should make you shout! But of course one of the ways we judge the Prophetic, besides does it line up with Scripture, or does it bring edification, exhortation and/or comfort, or does it bear witness with your spirit is…does it come to pass.

Let me recount for you some things that I have experienced over the last few months that let me know that indeed we have crossed over and we are in it now!

The first Sunday of March of this year the Lord gave me a prophetic word that: “We had crossed into a season of seeing, hearing and knowing”. Now for background sake I must make you aware that I have always been predominantly a Nabi Prophet, meaning the prophetic word just bubbled up out of my spirit. I had little if any Seer gifting or anointing.

That afternoon while at a ministry board meeting for a dear friend, while in prayer I stared up at the ceiling of her living room and was watching a full color movie. I explained to her everything that I was seeing and she said the fire of God was on her from head to toe as I explained what I saw. Up until that time…I had never operated this way, but that morning I prophesied a new season of seeing, hearing and knowing, and it manifested in my life immediately…and has been growing since.

She has confirmed to me that the things which saw and declared to her she is now beginning to walk in. Fast forward to about six weeks ago, I was again at a board meeting for this same ministry. Part of this lady’s calling is clinical Christian counseling and deliverance. At this second board meeting I prophesied to her that in the very near future she was going to have to choose between her education and training and the river that was flowing in her spirit. Exactly two weekends later she had to make that choice and thank God she followed the river in her spirit and not her education and training and God wrought mighty deliverance.

The end of September a lady came into the service that had never been in our local church before. Unbeknown to me or anyone else she could not hear out of one of her ears…she only had ringing in the ear. While I was preaching…her ear popped open! I didn’t pray for her, I didn’t touch her, but God did and she could now hear out of that ear. That same service I laid hands on almost everyone in the church during ministry time and a lady who had been having severe back and leg pain for months had all the pain instantly vanish. So much so that she was able to move furniture pain free.

The end of October at a recent Apostolic & Prophetic Summit that my Mom and I were privileged to minister at, I ministered to a man by the laying on of hands as my Mom declared a suddenly in his life for healing in his back. He came up to me later to tell me he had been in excruciating pain for years because of two disintegrated discs in his back…but he was now pain free.

Folks this is just a sample of what is taking place. I want to encourage you that the new move of God is not coming…It Is Here!

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