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Prophetic Word

Stay The Course

Apostle Michael Fram

February 3,2021

I kept hearing the Spirit of the Lord say, “Stay The Course”. “Stay The Course”. There are so many distractions that have been sent to bring confusion and to get you off course. My assignment has not changed. The things that I have instructed you have not changed. Don’t yield to the distractions that are trying to take you off course. Don’t veer to the left hand, and don’t veer to the right.

In fact, it’s more than just the left or the right, it’s even in the political realm; don’t get so far to the left, and don’t get so far to the right, that you can’t accomplish the assignment that I have given to you. Stay The Course and don’t be distracted by the distractions that are being sent.

And cast not away your confidence, for it has great recompense of reward. Continue to believe, continue to believe that it will be even as I have told you and even as I have shown you. Sometimes in your own mind, you conceive how you think I am going to do it. And then when it doesn’t come the way you have conceived it, the way that you have thought it, then you think it’s not going to happen, and it’s not going to come.

But there must be a performance of My Word! It may not come like you think, and many miss the fulfillment of what I have told them, shown them, and promised them, because it doesn’t come wrapped in the package that they think it’s coming in.

I am not limited to your thought process. I am bigger than your thoughts. I am bigger than your mind, and I am bigger than your preconceived ideas. “Stay The Course.” Don’t veer to the left. Don’t veer to the right. Don’t cast away your confidence. For it will surely come. Do not be distracted, but instead: “Full Speed Ahead.” 

Do not be distracted, instead, Full Speed Ahead. And it will be even as I have told you, and even as I have shown you. And don’t let the other voices and the “lying visions” deceive you. Let me stress again, “Don’t let lying visions deceive you.” But stay with what I have shown you, and I will bring it to pass.


Partner Together With Me

Apostle Michael Fram

March 26, 2020

 “If you’ll just partner together with Me in prayer I will partner together with you in prayer. And the things that you don’t know how to pray for as you ought, I do because I know what God wants to accomplish and what His purpose is at this time within the earth. And if you’ll just press in with Me and allow Me to take hold together with you I will pray through you according to the will and the purpose of the Father and you will be praying far beyond your own understanding, bringing about a shift in the atmosphere of the earth, bringing it in line with the atmosphere of heaven. 


And all I’m looking for is those that will press in and will partner together with Me that I can partner together with. So don’t be ashamed and don’t be bashful and don’t hold back but yield to Me, yield to your prayer language, yield to the Greater One that is living inside of you and watch Me pray for the mysteries and divine secrets that are beyond your comprehension and watch Me work within the earth and change circumstances because you have taken the time to partner together with Me.”


Learn To Look Inside

Apostle Michael Fram

May 26, 2019

I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, learn to look inside, don’t look outside for I dwell within you. I have been shed abroad in your heart that you might cry Abba Father. I have been shed abroad in your heart that you might manifest and walk in love. Learn to look inside not to look outside. I have been sent to be your teacher and your guide. I have been sent to lead you and guide you into all truth. Learn to look inside, not to look outside. For I lead you by My witness in your spirit.

And so many, so many in My Body are looking externally for direction, for which way to go. So many are looking for confirmation of all the things that I have already witnessed to them but they look externally, looking at the external when I live and reside within. Learn to look inside, not to look outside. For everything that you need is resident within you. All of the direction that you need is resident within you. All of the love that you need is resident within you. All of the power that you need is resident within you. Learn to look inside, don’t look outside.


The Wind Of The Spirit Is Blowing

Apostle Michael Fram

May 4, 2019


For the wind of the Spirit does blow. And that which seems like maybe it is long past and forgotten, even those things where it feels like the embers that were once red hot have waned and become cold…But the wind of the Spirit now blows.


And it is like somebody taking the bellows, when they go to the fire that begins to die down, and they take the bellows and they begin to put breath and wind into that fire. And all of a sudden it begins to re-ignite, and the flames begin to rise up again.


Even so now the wind of the Spirit is blowing. Blowing on the embers in your heart. Blowing on the embers of your destiny. Blowing on the embers of your gifts and your callings. And that which you thought would never happen, and never come to pass, and you thought that its time was past, BUT NO SAYS THE SPIRIT OF GOD!


For this is a day of a Fresh Wind, and a fresh blowing of My Spirit. And I blow on those embers, and I re-ignite what is in you, that passion may rise again, and that you would rise up and be propelled and move into destiny. Because the wind of the Spirit is blowing.


Your Seed Is Springing Forth

Apostle Michael Fram

April 7, 2019


God just spoke to me and he said that unless the seed is cast into the ground and it dies it will not bring forth fruit. And the seed is planted in the fall and then winter comes and it seems like that which was planted is dead and forgotten about but then the springtime comes and all of a sudden the seed that had taken root and seemed like it was dead all of a sudden that seed begins to sprout and it breaks up through the soil.


Many of us in the natural, we feel the effects of when those seeds come up in the spring. We call them allergies. Those things let us know that the seed that died, it is very much alive. Sometimes we go through circumstances where we plant things in our life, we plant our dreams, we plant our obedience and it seems like the seed of our dream and the seed of our obedience has died but it has not. It has been the winter season where it looked like it was dead but then comes the season of the spring and that which has been germinating all through that winter season is ready to break through the ground into bloom.


I declare unto you today that some of you thought your dream was dead. Some of you thought that what you planted was dead, but it is not dead, it is springtime and that which has been germinating and taking root through a winter season is breaking forth. Your seed lives, the seed of your dream lives. The seed of your obedience lives and now it springs forth.


The Steps Of The Righteous Prophetic Word

Apostle Michael Fram

February 10, 2019


I just had a really quick vision: I saw feet walking but they were very meticulous and very direct about the steps that they were taking. It was not like a drunk walking. When a drunk walks, they kind of stumble and are haphazard in the way that they are going but these feet were walking and it was very deliberate and it was planted directly, being planted directly and walking in a straight line.


As I saw it, this is what came to me. I heard in the Spirit, “the steps of the righteous are ordered of the Lord.” And in transition sometimes we don't know exactly where we are going. We don't know what the end destination is always or sometimes we know what it is, but we don't know how we are getting from point A to point B.


But I believe that God is saying, you are my righteous ones and I am ordering your steps. And your steps are very deliberate, and they are very in order and they are not haphazard, and you are not stumbling. I am leading you step by step. And they are very deliberate steps. So don't get distracted, just follow where I lead you because I am ordering your steps into your next, I am ordering your steps into your destiny. So continue to follow. Don't worry about the circumstances, don't worry about what it looks like but just follow step-by-step because they are deliberate, and I am ordering them.


I Am Bigger Than Your Thinking Prophetic Word

Apostle Michael Fram

December 29, 2018


I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, with the new year comes a new season - a new season of exactly what you were just singing. A season of me falling fresh on you. But not in the way that you think. For many times you have your own preconceived notions and ideas of what me falling fresh on you looks like. And because it doesn't come packaged the way that you think it is going to come, you miss the visitation. And so many times you look and think that it is a greater anointing or it's a greater this or it's a greater that. What you do is you put me in the box and say God if you move within the parameters of my thinking then I know that it is you and you have fallen a fresh upon me.


But I say unto you tonight that I am bigger than the parameters of your thinking and I am bigger than your box. For I am the God that has promised to do exceedingly abundantly above and beyond all that you could ask or even think. And in the season of the new year, where I fall afresh on you, I am falling on you in favor. And I am falling on you in wisdom and I am falling on you and witty ideas. And I am falling on you in ways to put your hand into things that will cause you to prosper. It's not a greater anointing but it's greater favor. It's not more power but its power to get wealth. It's not more to make you an overcomer but it's more of you overcoming because of what I am releasing on you.


I am falling fresh on you. But take the limits off; think outside the box. Think outside of your own thought processes and be open to every thought that I give. For I will give you thoughts that are beyond your thoughts. Didn't I tell you in my word that my ways are higher than your ways and that my thoughts, they are higher than your thoughts. And if what you think is enough to do it, it would have already been done. So it takes thoughts that are beyond your thoughts. I say unto you one God-thought will change your life. One God-idea will change your life. One yielding to what I say, to what I release, will change your destiny. Be open to the fresh that is coming upon you for I tell you it's not coming how you think. Be open to that which is beyond what you think and see how I fall fresh on you.


Season To Step Up And To Step Out

Apostle Michael Fram

September 10, 2017


You sang of seasons, and I am a God of seasons. I gave you four distinct seasons in the earth so that you would recognize that different things come with different seasons. And when you see the leaves change their colors, you know what season it is. When the snow begins to fall, you know what season it is. I’m a God of season. And in your life, and in your experience, and in your walk with Me, I am a God of seasons.


And this is a season for many To Step Up And To Step Out! This is not a season to sit back and to wait. But this is a season to step up and to step out. For some it is a season to step out into that which is new, and for some it’s a season to step out into that which is old. For some have walked in things in the past, and for whatever reasons or circumstances may have come, those things are not currently being walked in. And for you it’s a season of restoration and fullness. And it’s a season to step up and step out and step in to that which you have done before; only now in greater measure than you ever experienced before.


For others, it’s a season to step up and step out into that which is new…into doing things that you have not done before. And branching out into new areas, and new levels…it’s a season to step up and step out. But whether you are stepping into something that is old in a new measure, or stepping into something that is new, what is required is exactly the same. For every season must be embraced. Every season must be yielded to. Every season must be cooperated with. And every fine tuning and every tweaking must take place for the season you find yourself in.


So, whether you’re going into that which is new, or going into that which is old but in new measure; you must align yourself, you must yield yourself, you must check yourself, you must tweak yourself, and make those fine tune adjustments that you might get the maximum productivity out of the season you are in.


Farmers know that there are things that they must do to get maximum productivity out of their crops. And for you in this season, there’s some pruning that’s going on. There’s some cutting away of some things that’s going on. Jesus said, that you might bear fruit, that you might bear more fruit, that you might bear much fruit, and that you might bear fruit that remains. But the husbandman, the vinedresser, is the one that prunes the vines…and takes away those things that will cause greater productivity, so that it might be both more and much fruit.


And in this season of stepping up and stepping out, it is required of every one of us to yield to the season…to yield to the pruning, to yield to the vinedresser, yield to the husbandman. That we might make the tweaks, and the corrections that are necessary for maximum productivity, and maximum fruit, in this season. So, step up and step out, embrace what is new, embrace what is old and new in greater measure, but yield to the vinedresser, yield to the husbandman, that your fruit would be much and might remain. In Jesus Name.

Order!    Order!    Order!

Apostle Michael Fram

April 19, 2017

The other night in prayer at church I had an unusual #PropheticExperience. I kept hearing the Spirit of the Lord say: "Order, Order, Order". As I was listening to these words in my spirit I saw a quick vision.

In the vision I saw a pile of blocks of different sizes laying all hodgepodge in the middle of the floor. They looked to be like the types of blocks that children would play with, but they were just thrown into a pile on the floor.


Then I saw a large hand and arm clothed in a white robe reach down and begin to reach into the hodgepodge pile of blocks. One by one this hand began to pick up the blocks and arrange them down the center aisle of the church in descending order from the largest block to the smallest block; until all the blocks were in order.

God is bringing order to the church. Instead of being a pile of mess, He is causing us to come into order.


God Of Season Prophetic Word

Apostle-Prophet Michael Fram

January 29, 2017


I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, that I am a God of season. Even as in the earth, the earth was created to have seasons, and seasons that would change. You identify your seasons as: Winter and Spring and Summer and Fall, but they were designed by Me, because they are a representation of Me. They were created because that is Who I am., that is What I am, and that is how I operate…that seasons change. And I am a God of season.


The season has shifted, and the season has changed. This is MY SEASON to show Myself strong! I declare unto you that this is My Season to manifest Myself. This is My Season to show Myself strong on behalf of My children.


For many of you it seems like things have been in a holding pattern. That you’ve been waiting on promises or manifestations; and you’ve been holding on because you’ve been in a waiting season. But the season has shifted and the season has changed, because This is MY SEASON, and because it MY SEASON, and you’re hooked up with Me, it’s YOUR SEASON!


And this is a season of manifestation. This is a season of fulfillment. And this is a season to come out of the holding pattern, you’re not circling the airport any longer, but it’s time to come in for the landing. It’s time to walk in the fullness of all that has been promised, because the season has changed. I am a God of season. I set the seasons! And I have set this season, and I declare it as MY SEASON, and therefore it is YOUR SEASON!

A Season Of Fulfillment Prophetic Word

Apostle-Prophet Michael Fram

December 28, 2016


For you have crossed over, and you have entered into a season of fulfillment of that which you have been holding in your heart. For even as Mary of old pondered these things in her heart, there came a time where there was to be a performance of the word. And many have been holding things in their heart for years. Not just a year, not just a season, but there are things that God has shown you in years gone by, and things that you have been holding onto, and people have laughed you to scorn and said you’re a dreamer, you’re nuts, it can never be, it will never be, it shall not come to pass.


They’ve laughed at your dreams. They’ve laughed at what you’ve held in your heart. And the enemy has chided in, and said you fool, it has not yet occurred, it has delayed its coming, and it will never come. It will never come to pass. But I say unto you, that even as Mary held it in her heart, and pondered it in her heart, and did not let go; even though it defied logic, she believed the word that was given to her; which said that with man, it is impossible, BUT WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!


And you have held on to things in your heart, that with man are impossible; but you have believed and held it and pondered it, knowing that with God, it is possible. And you have come into a season of fulfillment where those things from years gone by, that you have refused to let go of, you have refused to give up on, you have refused to throw in the towel, you have refused to put up the white flag, but you have said NO, THERE MUST BE A PERFORMANCE OF HIS WORD!


And the word of the Lord that you’ve been holding onto, ITS TIME HAS COME! ITS SEASON HAS COME! And its fulfillment is at hand. Watch those who have ridiculed you, watch those who have said you were crazy, watch those who have decreed that you were nuts, how they turn around, and they now come to you, as the things that they said would never be, are manifest in your life. Watch them come to you now.


For it is the season of ‘Divine Turn Around’ of those in your life and those in your sphere; it’s a season of turn around for those in your life and in your sphere; because as the word begins to be performed, they will recognize and they will know, that they laughed you to scorn, and said that it could, and it would never be, but watch them turn and come to you now, and say how can this be?


It’s the season of the fulfillment of the word. The maturation process has been completed. The gestation process has been completed. And that which shall be born in you, shall be called holy, because it is a work of God that is birthed of the Spirit of God; just as the Son through Mary, birthed by the Spirit. There is a birthing of Spiritual Babies in this season that are birthed of the Spirit of God, whose time has come. For even Jesus, the Bible says, when the fullness of time had come, God sent forth His Son.

And this is the fullness of time for many things that have been growing in your spiritual womb. It’s time that they be sent forth, birthed forth and released. It is a season of fulfillment of the word. Be fulfilled. Be fulfilled and walk in joy, as the things that you have held, and the things that you have pondered, come to pass, are birthed and released. You will have fulfillment like you have never had before in your life. And you will truly know, in a measure that you never have, joy unspeakable and full of glory; because you waited it out, recognizing and knowing, though it has tarried, you have waited for it, and it has surely come. For it is the appointed time for that vision, that word, that you’ve pondered and held in your heart, and have not let go of…REJOICE, YOUR SEASON HAS COME!

Not By Thought Or Plan Prophetic Word

Apostle-Prophet Michael Fram

October 16, 2016

I heard the Spirit of the Lord say: You’ve all been quoting that it’s not by might, and it’s not by power, but it’s by My Spirit says the Lord. But I say unto you this day: It’s not by Thought, and it’s not by Plan, but it’s by My Spirit says the Lord. It’s not about what you think, and it’s not about what you plan, but it’s by the Spirit of God.


And it’s time to release your thoughts, and release your plans, and adopt His thoughts, and His plans. It’s time to get the mind of the Spirit of God. It’s time to get the heart of the Spirit of God. There’s a call…there’s a call in the realm of the spirit…that is going out…and those with ears to hear, can hear it. There’s a call in the realm of the spirit that’s going out, and those with ears to hear, can hear it.


And the call is simply this: Spend time with Me! Spend time with Me! Worship and Prayer, Worship and Prayer…everything will be worked…everything will be released…everything will be birthed…everything will be done…through Worship and through Prayer.


It’s not by Thought, and it’s not by Plan, but it is by My Spirit says the Lord. Enter in…Enter in…to a new season and into a new realm of Worship and Prayer.

Days of Activation Prophetic Word

Apostle-Prophet Michael Fram

September 7, 2016


I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, that these are days of Activation and Participation. These are not days of Stagnation, but they’re days of Activation and Participation. And there have been many in the Body that have been in a state of stagnation, that have been comfortable to sit back and to rest and watch others participate; and watch others be activated, but they’ve just been sitting back. And because of lack of use, and lack of activation, the things that I’ve embedded and placed within their life have begun to atrophy and to dry up, because they’ve not been used, and they’ve not been exercised.


But this is a season that I am calling all in My Body to be Participators and to begin to stir up, and begin to fire up those things that have been birthed, that have been embedded, and have been implanted within their spirit. It’s no longer a time to be comfortable and let somebody else do when there is a demand, and there is a call, and there is a need, for you to do what you have been gifted to do.


For in a great river, in a great river, there are many streams that flow into it. There are many tributaries that flow into it, in order to cause it to be a mighty rushing and flowing river. And when you only have a couple of streams, or a couple of tributaries that are pouring into the river, there cannot be a great flow. But when all of the streams, and all of the tributaries come together and pour into that one river; mighty is the flow of that river.


And it is My desire in this day and in this hour to cause a mighty flow of the river of My Spirit that emanates from My Body and flows throughout the earth. But in order for there to be the mighty flow, every tributary and every stream must flow in unity into that one river; that it might flow like a mighty force.


These are days of Activation. These are days of Participation. No longer sit in stagnation, but move forward. Move forward and flow in what has been birthed, embedded and impregnated in your spirit. Stir it up and use it for My glory.

A Rock And A Hard Place Prophetic

Prophetic Exhortation

Apostle-Prophet Michael Fram

April 27, 2016


I’ve been having quite a revelatory prophetic experience tonight during the free worship. And I don’t know if you’re aware of it, but there have been angels all over this room…beaucoup angels. And I felt different times where there were gusts of wind that came through. And I felt air flowing over my body, I felt it flowing over my hand, I thought somebody had opened a window, I thought somebody turned the ceiling fan on; and there’s no windows open, and I looked up and the ceiling fan isn’t on, but I felt this gust of air, I said Lord what is that…He says those are warring angels flying by. (I said ooh ooh I like that!)


And then I heard the Lord say to me: ‘Nothing is too difficult for Me!’ ‘Nothing is too difficult for Me!’ And He quoted the Prophet that said: ‘Behold My arm is not shortened that I cannot save, and My ear is not heavy that I cannot hear.’ ‘Nothing is too difficult for Me!’ ‘And when you think things are impossible…that’s when I’m a specialist!’ ‘Because I specialize in doing that which is impossible!’ ‘For even when Mary could not fathom and could not understand how something could be, My messenger, My angel said to her: with man things may be impossible, but with God all things are possible!’ And He reiterated to me: ‘Nothing is too difficult for Me!’ ‘I am the Almighty!’ ‘I am all powerful!’ ‘I am the Omnipotent One…and Nothing is too difficult for Me!’


And then I saw a picture that was hard for me to fathom…but it was a very narrow opening. And this object was trying to get through the narrow opening, and the object was bigger than the opening was. And there was force that was being pushed and exerted on this object to get it through the narrow opening, and there was friction and it was not getting through. And I heard the Lord say: ‘Between a rock and a hard place.’ And many times we feel like we’re between a rock and a hard place. And where we have to go it doesn’t seem like we can get through because the opening is too narrow and we can’t get through it.


And then I saw in the picture two hands come down and they began to rub this object with oil…they began to lubricate this object. And then as they pushed on this object…because of the lubrication of the oil…the object made it through the narrow opening. And the Lord said to me: ‘I will be anointed with fresh oil!’ And I believe that God has released tonight an anointing of the Holy Ghost that He’s rubbed on us…the oil of the Spirit of God…that will get us through between the rock and the hard place.


The angels have been busy tonight in here. And nothing is too difficult for Him! And we’ve been anointed with Fresh Oil. And we’re going to go through that narrow opening…that thing that seems like it’s impossible that you can’t fit through; you may feel like you’re between a rock and a hard place…but you’re being anointed to go through in Jesus name.


Get A Birds Eye View

Prophetic Exhortation

Apostle-Prophet Michael Fram

March 30, 2016


Just as we were coming out of that time of singing in the Spirit and worship, and the song of the Lord…I was just meditating about how some of the songs that were sung were about how far above Jesus is…the place of authority, the place of power, that He’s above all power and might and dominion and that we’re seated with Him in heavenly places.


And as I was thinking about that…the thought just came to my mind; what must it look like from His perspective? What must it look like looking down, from His perspective? For if we are seated with Him in heavenly places far above all principality and power…what does it look like looking down at all principality and power?


And as I was thinking on that I heard these words rise up out of my spirit: “Get A Birds Eye View!” I said: “Lord what do you mean Get A Birds Eye View?” And then immediately as I asked the question, through my mind flashed the picture of an eagle soaring. And for those of you that know and see me with all the eagle pictures on Facebook…Apostle Jim Becton and I…we just absolutely love eagles…but the eagle soars above the storm…the eagle has this ability to lock his wings and be carried up…above all the turmoil.


And he looks down upon things with laser focus and laser vision. I’ve even seen this video on Facebook how the eagle just swoops out of the sky down into the stream and picks up this fish by his talons and just plucks him right out of the water and then takes off again. The expression is that: “He’s got an eagle eye.” They talk about sharp shooters in the military, how they have an eagle eye.


And God said: “Get A Birds Eye View.” What is He saying? He’s saying: “Look at things from heaven’s perspective. Look at things from where I’m seated, far above all principalities and power. Look down upon these things, and from My vantage point…from My perspective…they are nothing. For you are seated with Me far above…not just above…far above. Get A Birds Eye View tonight and let yourself soar like an eagle…far above the storms. Lock your wings and catch the wind of the Spirit and let the wind of the Spirit carry you up above the storm…and soar above it...for that is your position and that is your perspective.” Tonight, Get A Birds Eye View!


It Is Impossible To Be In My Presence & Not Be Changed

February 10, 2016

Prophet Rev. Michael Fram


I heard the Spirit of the Lord say: Oh that you would understand what happens when in you’re in My presence. Oh that you could only grasp what happens when you’re in My presence. You can’t be in My presence and not be changed. It is impossible for you to be in My presence and not be changed.


And even though you may not feel like anything has changed, and you may think that nothing has changed; It is impossible to be in My presence and not be changed. When Moses met Me on the mountain of God and he stood in My presence, face to face; when he came down from the mountain he did not know that he had changed. But the glory was evident upon him. And the people could not stand to look at him because his countenance had changed from being in My presence.


You may not see the change, you may not know the change, you may not recognize the change, but those around you will see the change; Because it’s impossible to be in My presence and not be changed. I told you in My word that you are changed from glory to glory, and the more you are in My presence, the more you’re changed into that glory.


And the greater change will be made manifest in your countenance, in your disposition, in your walk, in your attitude…how you live your life…how you walk…how your head is held up…how your back is straight. It’s impossible to be in My presence and not be changed.


Oh that My people would come higher, come deeper, into My presence. Why linger ye in the outer court when the Holy of Holies is open and made available by the blood of the Lamb? Access has been granted to the holiest of place, even beyond where the priest could go under the Old Covenant. For you come by the spotless blood of the eternal Lamb of God. Come to My presence, come to the Holy of Holies…and be changed, for it is impossible to be in My presence and not be changed.


A Season Of Seeing Hearing & Knowing

March 3, 2013

Prophet Rev. Michael Fram


I was first given this prophetic word on March 3, 2013; but here lately I have seen a greater and growing manifestation of this word in many circles so I sensed to share it again.


For you are entering into a Higher Level and a Fresh Dimension in the realm of Seeing, of Hearing and of Knowing. For when you take time in My presence, when you rest and linger in My presence, you open yourself up to Downloads from Heaven. For when you are rushed and hurrying and scurrying through the service the way that you rush and hurry and scurry through life; you miss the Downloads from Heaven. For some things only come to those that have learned the secret and the art of waiting in My presence.


Sometimes, you just have to rest, sometimes, you just have to be still, and sometimes you just have to linger…and it’s in those moments and it’s in those times that revelation does come…that the Downloads of Heaven come. It’s in those moments that all of a sudden the things that have perplexed you, as it were like in the cartoon, the light goes on and you suddenly see and it makes sense. It’s in those moments that the download of My Spirit comes and your eyes are opened and they are illumined and you begin to see.


It’s in those moments that you hear the still small voice of My Spirit inside of your spirit. For when you’re busy and hurried and scurried you can’t hear His voice…because you’re too busy. But when you take that time, in the stillness and in the quiet; learn from the Prophet, who saw the mighty wind but God was not in it, who felt the earth shake and quake but God was not in it, but then there was the still, small voice…and it’s in these lingering moments that you hear that still, small voice.


Know this day that you are transitioning to a place that you have not been, for you are learning to wait, you are learning to linger and you are learning to rest. And in these moments a whole New Dimension of My Spirit is opened unto you and many of you have been prodded by My Spirit with thoughts that you didn’t understand. And many of you have had glimpses of things either as flashing pictures across your mind’s eye or within your spirit, that didn’t seem to make sense and that you didn’t understand…you couldn’t articulate what you saw; in these moments the understanding does come.


I’m raising you up into a New Level and a New Dimension of Seeing and Hearing and Knowing. It’s one thing to see…it’s another thing to know what it means. It’s one thing to hear…but it’s something else to know what it means. I’m raising you up into the place of Seeing and Hearing and Knowing…that not only will you See…not only will you Hear…but you will Know.



Alignment Prophetic Word

December 30, 2015

Prophet Rev. Michael Fram


I saw two pictures; one was a picture of an army, in their ranks marching. But, some of the people were out of line, they were out of place. And so you had this whole row of soldiers that were perfectly in order, and then you got down a little bit in the line and you had some people that were all miss-mashed and weren’t quite in line, and then it was in line again. And the drill sergeant came by and he physically corrected them…and put them back in line so that they were in place.


And then the second picture that I saw was of a human body with a spine that was all out of alignment, and was all out of place. And a pair of hands like what a chiropractor would do; just came and pressed on that spine and brought it back into alignment and it became straight. And as I looked at that I heard in the spirit the word “Alignment”, the word “Alignment”.


And the Spirit of God began to speak to me about the upcoming season and the New Year; and was telling me that alignment is going to be extremely important going into 2016. And our alignment will have as much to do with our success or failure as the will and the purpose of God. Because if we are not aligned correctly, if we’re out of align, no matter how bad God wants it for us we won’t make to where He wants us to be because we’re out of alignment.


We are co-laborers together with Him and we have to cooperate with Him; and sometimes that means we have to allow Him to manipulate us or to put us where we need to be. Even if it’s uncomfortable, and even if it hurts, and even if it is taking us outside of our comfort zone, we have to allow Him to take us and put us where He wants us. And even as those soldiers that were out of align; the drill instructor had to come and physically put them in line.


And sometimes it will require a spiritual father to come and put somebody back in line. There’s going to be a need to submit to father’s correction in this season. And not submitting to a father’s correction to put us in line will keep us from our destiny…it will keep us from our potential. And even as that drill instructor knows how those soldiers must be; the spiritual father sees and knows what is right for their children just as God the Father does.


And God the Father works through spiritual fathers. And so alignment is a key word for the coming season and the coming year. And we must allow the spiritual father and our Heavenly Father…because He only wants what is best for us. His plans for us are good and not for evil to give us a hope and an expected end…but He knows where we need to be aligned and who we need to be aligned with…and we must yield to His manipulation…as He puts things in order and makes us straight and brings us into formation.


Those soldiers can reject, they can rebuff and they can…not do what that drill instructor says; and he will make them wish they had. And there are times that we can rebuff and we can be stiff-necked and we can resist the wooing, the prodding and the working of the Holy Spirit, but in the end, we will wish that we had. So in this season…yield to Father…yield to the Holy Spirit…yield to earthly fathers and spiritual fathers…and come into alignment; be aligned with the right people…be in the right relationships because your destiny and your fulfillment and your purpose depends on it.


The Way Has Been Made

Prophetic Word December 27, 2015

Prophet Rev. Michael Fram


The way has been prepared. The way behind the vail has been prepared. The way has been made by the blood of the Lamb that takes away the sin of the world. And the vail of the temple was rent in two, not from bottom to top, but from top to bottom, opening access to the Holy of Holies, to the very presence and the Shekinah Glory of God; where only the priest could go, and only by strict adherence to sacrifices of blood. But the blood of the spotless Lamb of God has been shed.


And it has entered before us into the Holy Place, once and for all, and that blood has been sprinkled on the Heavenly Mercy Seat granting access, where we, a Kingdom of Priests are able to go, not just on Holy Days, and set apart days, at specific times and seasons; but we have access to go 24/7. And the Word declares: Come boldly to the Throne of Grace that you may obtain grace and mercy to help in the time of need.


The Word declares: Come unto Me, Come unto Me by the blood of the Lamb, by the blood of the Lamb. He draws us…to His very presence, the way has been made, and access has been granted. And we are accepted in the beloved, to be in His very presence…in His very throne room…standing clean, washed, in the blood of the Lamb.


And yet He desires more. For some…it’s a Sunday thing. For some it’s a Sunday and a Wednesday thing. But there is a call in the Spirit, there’s a call to this house that says come up higher, and come daily, come daily. You don’t have to wait till Sunday, to come behind the vail, you don’t have to wait till Wednesday, to come behind the vail, but you can come every day, behind the vail; because access has been granted. The vail of the temple was rent in two, opening the way by the blood of the Lamb. Come daily…to the presence…come daily…to the presence, that you may obtain grace and mercy to help in the time of need.



Where Is The Remnant

Prophetic Word August 5, 2015

Prophet Rev. Michael Fram



I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying, who will stand in the gap? Where are the ones that know My purpose and call it forth? Who are the ones that will hold Me to My word? Where is the remnant within the earth…that will grab a hold of My promise and grab a hold of Me…one in each hand and pull the two together…that My promise might manifest within the earth?


Who are the ones? Who are the ones…that take Me at My word? Who are the ones that have believed My report? Who are the ones that know what the Logos says, and who are the ones that know what the Rhema says? Who are the ones that take the Rhema and hold it up against the Logos and find that which is true…and hold on to it…and recite it…and bring it before My throne…not letting heaven rest until My word and purpose is established within the earth?


Who are the ones that will stand in the gap? Who are the ones that will not settle for less than My purpose and My plan? Where is the remnant? Where is the remnant? The call is going out all across the earth, and even as My word says, he that has ears to hear, let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the church. For O the Spirit is crying out, O the Spirit is calling out, calling for the remnant, calling for those that will hold on to the purpose and the plan of God and not let go until it manifests within the earth.


Who are those that have ears to hear? And who are those who are more than just hearers only? For didn’t I say that there would be some that would be hearers of the word but would not be doers? That they would let the word go in one ear and right out the other without acting upon it. Even as it were would look at themselves in a mirror and forget what they looked like. Because they heard the promise, they heard what the Spirit had said, but have let it go by the wayside even as those that had a heart condition that could not receive the word as the sower went to sew it.


And so it is…even with the Rhema word of God…even as it was in the parable of the sower…for as the sower sowed the word, the different heart conditions could receive it, fall by the wayside, or have it choked out. And so it is with the Prophetic Word of God that’s being released within the earth…some don’t even hear it, some their heart is so hard that hearing they hear not, and it doesn’t even enter their spirit, it never even makes it through their ear gate down into their heart, because their heart is hard like stony ground. And then there are others that receive it just for a little bit and when it doesn’t instantly manifest say that oh I know that word was too good to be true…surely it wasn’t God…and the things of life will choke out the seed of that Prophetic Word and it will not produce in their life because they’ve allowed things to choke it.


Even as it was with the sower sowing the Logos, so it is with the Rhema word of God…as the prophetic is released…do you hear? Didn’t He say, take heed how you hear? Where is the remnant? Where is the remnant that hears the word, receives the word, allows it to take root in their heart, holds on to the word, stands in the gap with the word and believes Me for the manifestation of that word? Where is My remnant?



Fullness of Time Moment

Prophetic Word June 28, 2015

Prophet Rev. Michael Fram



I heard the Spirit of the Lord say that we have entered into a ‘Fullness of Time Moment’… a ‘Fullness of Time Moment’. And He spoke and said that it doth not yet appear what it shall be…it doth not yet appear what it shall be. And we have entered into the season of the ‘Shall Be’. We have entered into the season that the things that we have not yet seen…shall be seen.


For years the people of God have said eye has not seen, and ear has not heard, and neither has entered into the heart of man the things that God has prepared for them that love Him. But you have crossed into that season and that time where eye will begin to see and ear will begin to hear; and what will be made manifest are the things that have only been dreamed about…the things that have only been visioned in the realm of the Spirit. And those things are now being released out of the realm of the Spirit into the natural realm.


The things that as you prayed in your prayer language, and visions would pop into your spirit, and visions would pop into your mind, and you would get glimpses and pictures of things and you would say to yourself: ‘O Lord when?’ and ‘O Lord how shall these things be?’ Even as Mary when she was befuddled by the word of the angel, and she said: ‘How will this be?’ And the angel declared unto her and said: ‘The Spirit of the Most High will overshadow you.’


So I say unto you this day that with the release of the sound from heaven (we already had an exhortation earlier in the service from Acts 2 on the Day of Pentecost about the release of a sound from heaven) there comes the overshadowing of My Spirit. And even as was born in Mary that which was called the Son of God; because the Spirit overshadowed her, so what is being released in this season at this time, with the release of a sound from heaven is an overshadowing Spirit; that will cause those pictures, those images, those dreams, those things that you thought were far-fetched and could never be…you have come to a ‘Fullness of Time Moment’ and these things are being birthed and released NOW by the Spirit of the Living God.



Emerging Generals Arise

Prophetic Exhortation June 10, 2015

Prophet Rev. Michael Fram


This prophetic exhortation was given after a season of prayer where a contrast was prayed between those that God has hidden in a cave and those that have hid themselves in a cave.


There is something about that…that God has hidden people in the cave. And this is their season to come out. There’s a release of people that nobody knows. This is a season of a release of people that nobody knows and nobody’s heard of yet. But they’ve been in the cave, they’ve been in the cave of preparation, they’ve been in the cave of dying to self, they’ve been in the cave of yielding to the Spirit of God, they’ve been in the cave of honing their skills in silence. They’ve been in the cave of honing their abilities where nobody saw and nobody knew.


But like David and his men came out of hiding, and came out of the cave, and became warriors and conquerors; God is calling forth in this season those that have been in that cave. These are those that God has had hidden. Not even the enemy knew…because they were under the radar; they weren’t out in the public eye as much as the quote on quote Big Name. They’ve been under the radar spiritually.


But grace deposits have been made in their spirits. And wisdom has been downloaded into their inner man. And character has been formed within their life. And anointing has been imparted unto them. And they are ready now to come forth on the scene and release all those things that have been poured into them while they’ve been in the cave…while they have been in that cave of preparation; and this is their coming out party…


And yes, Generals have gone home. But God Always Has A Successor! He always has a successor. God was the initiator of if there’s a number 1…there has to be a number 2. There has to be somebody to move in and take their place. There came a time in Israel’s history when: “Moses My servant is dead”. “As I was with Moses, so I will be with you.” “You therefore Joshua, you rise up and go over this Jordan, just like I was with him, I will be with you.”


There was a successor. Just like when Elijah went up into heaven and his mantle signifying the anointing…the call of God…of the office of Prophet; that came to Elisha and he picked it up, then all the sons of the Prophets saw and they said: “Surely the spirit of Elijah is resting on Elisha.” God always has a successor. And for every General that has gone home God has somebody in waiting.


He’s got somebody to bring out onto the scene. And this is the season where many are being released like David and his men from out of the cave of preparation; coming onto the stage into the release and taking their place…it’s a season for the Emerging Generals to arise. The Emerging Generals are arising in Jesus Name.



Days of the Manifestation of the Holy Ghost

Prophetic Word June 3, 2015

Prophet Rev. Michael Fram


This word was given by Tongues and the Interpretation of Tongues, this was the Interpretation.


For these are the days of the manifestation of the Holy Ghost. These are the days of the manifestation of the Holy Ghost. And the Spirit is moving to and fro across the face of the earth looking for places that He can rest and abide. For in days gone by there were places that the Spirit of God could go, and He could visit a house. He could come and manifest His presence within a house, and there would be what the church would call: “A Move Of God” on a particular day; when the Spirit of God visited a house.


But these are days that are accelerated and expanding far beyond the time where the Spirit of God would come and visit a house. The Spirit of God at this point in time, at this juncture, at this season; is not looking for places that He can go and visit, He is looking for places where He is always welcome, where He can go and rest and abide. Even as many within the Body of Christ are no longer satisfied with visitation, but have within their hearts that they are believing for habitation…that is a desire that has been birthed in them and placed in them by My Spirit…for that is the same desire of the Holy Ghost.


The Holy Ghost is no longer satisfied with visitation rights to the house of God. The Holy Ghost wants habitation rights with the house of God. And the time has come in the earth, and to the Body of Christ, THAT THOSE THAT DON’T LOOK FOR HABITATION…BUT ARE SATISFIED ONLY WITH VISITATION…WILL FIND THAT VISITATION RIGHTS WILL BE REVOKED; where the Spirit of God will no longer come and visit because know He is looking for a permanent dwelling place.


Hear the voice and sense the yearning of the Spirit of God this night, the Spirit is no longer satisfied with visiting a house, He wants to come and rest and abide in a house. And those that don’t press in, and those that don’t yield to that yearning that has been birthed by the Spirit within them; will find themselves no longer even having visitation.


The Spirit is not playing games anymore. For the time is for those that are serious with God. And the Spirit of God has been placing a yearning within the hearts of the people of God. But even the Word says: “That My Spirit will not always strive with a man.” If you will…My Spirit will not always strive with a house. For I am endeavoring to bring all in My Body past the stage of visitation and move them into the stage of habitation.


And in order for the greater to come, in order for the manifestation of the Spirit to come to the fullness of capacity, ability, demonstration and power; the church must move beyond visitation and into habitation. And so those that are stiff-necked and those that put their foot in the water and pull their foot back out of the water; will find themselves not having any water to put their foot into. For its you’re in or you’re out. You want it or you don’t. Hear the voice and the yearning of the Spirit. He’s crying in all corners of the earth: “Where is My habitation?” “Where is My habitation?”


And as long as an individual house remains with that yearning that you have expressed this night, and keeps that yearning on the forefront of what they do, I will come in greater measure, in greater manifestation, in greater demonstration and in greater power than you have seen or known before; for the greater is yet ahead. But the greater cannot come without the habitation. Hear the word of the Lord.




The Sound Of Spring

Prophet Rev. Michael Fram



As a Prophetic Minstrel and Psalmist was playing a particular melody on the keyboard during worship, we realized he was actually Prophesying on the keyboard. The revelation came to me that what he was playing was the Sound of Spring. Here is some of what the Lord had me release of what He was Revealing.


As the melody has been going forth I could see flowers budding, I could see things popping open, because Spring is when that which is New springs forth. Spring is the new springing forth season. And he is Prophesying on the instrument the sound of a springing forth season.


There are things that appear dead in the Winter, but in the Spring something begins to pop and open and new life comes. Even though those bones that appeared like they were dead, when Spring comes and life comes those things pop open and it’s a bursting season, it’s a breaking forth season, it’s a breaking out of the dead season into a live season.


That’s what he is Prophesying. That’s what he is releasing on the keyboard. Receive it. Receive it, the birthing season. It’s the Sound of Spring. Not in the natural, it’s the Sound of Spring in the realm of the Spirit. Those things that appear to be dead, they’re not dead. Winter has past, Spring has come, Life has come, and that which is new is bursting forth in the realm of the Spirit.




Release Of The Glory Prophetic Word

Prophet Rev. Michael Fram

March 11, 2015


I hear the Spirit of the Lord say that these are days of the release of the Glory of God. And the way that the Glory is being released in these days is according to what is already revealed in the written Word; for the written Word says that the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the Glory of God as the waters cover the sea. And the Spirit said to me that it says the knowledge of the Glory, and He said that that word knowledge means revelation, and that there is a revelation of the Glory of God that some have revealed unto them and there’s revelation of the Glory that others do not have revealed unto them. Because some having eyes, see not; and some having ears, hear not.


But God has spoken in days gone by that these were days of revelation. And that these were days of seeing and hearing and knowing. And for those that are pressing into God; that are walking in seeing, hearing and knowing; that are walking in the revelation of the manifestation of the Glory of God it is being made known unto them. But to those that are not pressing in; to those that are not walking in seeing, hearing and knowing; even though the glory is being made manifest and its happening all around them; they have eyes but they do not see, they have ears but they do not hear and they have hearts but they do not perceive.


But to those that have singleness of mind and singleness of heart; and those that are pressing in, and that are hungering and thirsting after righteousness; they are the ones that are beginning to see the fulfillment of what is also written in the Word that says: That eyes have not seen and ears have not heard, neither yet has entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those that love Him. Those that are the in-pressers, those that are the in-pressers, are the ones whose eyes see, and the ones whose ears hear.


They are the ones that walk in the revelation, and they are the ones that see, they are the ones that hear; they are the ones that know, they are the ones that perceive, and they are the ones that recognize the Glory of the Lord and they see it everywhere they go. And in meeting after meeting after meeting they are in because they are hungering and thirsting and pressing; they see, feel, hear, and know the manifestation of the Glory.


And these are days where it will increase. These are days where it will INCREASE. For as darkness increases, so must light increase. And it comes to the place where My body and My people because of the Glory that is manifested in them, through them and upon them; they will become the living example of what the Prophet said, when he said: Arise, shine for your light has come and the Glory of the Lord has risen upon thee.


These are days of the release of the Glory like the water covers the sea but its only for those that have knowledge I.E. revelation by the Spirit; having eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts to receive and can know what the Spirit of God is doing in the earth. It is for all that press in. It is for all that press in. And all that press in will walk in it, will see it, will hear it, will know it and will demonstrate it and be a living epistle of what the Word has already declared.




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