Kingdom Culture & Apostolic Government

Yesterday I had the privilege of hosting a Roundtable discussion of Seasoned Leaders. These thoughts were kind of my summation at the end of one of the topics of discussion. Jesus called the 12 to be with Him, and then named them as Apostles, a military term, meaning Admiral or General. This was also the beginning of Establishing Kingdom Order and Kingdom Culture. There was to be Authority and Structure in the Kingdom where it’s Envoys carried and exercised the Authority Of The King. But many then did not, and now do not, understand the Laws of the Kingdom. The Kingdom He was establishing was not like earthly Kingdoms. The Law and Culture of His Kingdom is the Law of Love. Even some of the 1

Levels Of Fathering

I had the privilege this morning to be part of an interactive webinar, with a diverse group of International Fathering Leaders, where this subject was part of the discussion. It was quite refreshing to be with Kingdom Leaders and have open dialogue, sharing at a higher level than normal. There was no “keeping up with the Jones’” or “I am more important than you”, going on, but simply how can we redefine, bring clarity, and a good working definition to Spiritual Fathers. As with many things in Ecclesia, we have a tendency to take a “one size fits all approach” to much of what we do. For example, as we look at the New Testament we have several examples of Apostles, but as we compare them, we f


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