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Apostle-Prophet Michael Fram

Michael Profile Picture Odessa TX Octobe

Michael is a second-generation Teacher & Preacher that is now in his 44th year of active ministry. Through the years he has functioned as:


  • An Evangelist

  • A Bible School Teacher

  • A Short-term Missionary

  • A Revivalist

  • A Seminar Speaker

  • A Prophet

  • An Overseer of a Local Fellowship

  • A Blogger & Writer

  • An Apostle

  • A Mentor, Big Brother, & Spiritual Father


Michael carries three Ministry Mandates or Apostolic Assignments:


  • Promote & Support Women in Ministry.

  • Pour into the Next Generation of up & coming Leaders (do for others what his father did for him).

  • Regional Alignment - Gather Leaders together in Regions crossing:

    • Generational Lines

    • Denominational Lines

    • Ethnic Lines

    • Gender Lines






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